Postcards & Angst From Yesteryear

"if you cant be good behave yourself. guess who?"
Delaware Water Gap, PA
Postmarked 1911

"Rec’d your card and so glad to hear you are still alive. I still have my eyes on him This PA is full of boys so I must skidoo. Come down”
Edinburg, PA
Postmarked 1907

"A grand time and beautiful weather. Sorry to leave the excitement. Mother & Katherine"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1939

"Wed. Evening We are here until Thursday noon. The place is beautiful. J-“
Winona Lake, IN
Postmarked 1903

"Dear Aunt & Uncle, Just a line to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. Am having a fine time here playing with the watches. Will be home Jan 1st and will see you all then. ABS”
Waltham, MA
Postmarked 1915

"Norway July 11th Mr. Leavett Your company is respectfully solicited to a Lawn Party at my house this (Friday) evening. Be sure and come. Yours Emma O’Brion”
Norway, ME
c. 1880s

"Hello Bug Are you being a good Boy  Dad."
Minneapolis, MN
Postmarked 1946

"Dear Lola & Steve, Knew Steve would like this Post Card. Is this the one we should bring home with us? See you soon. As ever, Dot & Al"
Honolulu, HI
Postmarked 1966

"Dear Miss Wells, Since the lease on this house is up in April, we have decided to move our furniture to m.d. and get a furnished apartment in N.Y. next winter. We hate leaving here but the commuting is hard on Dad. I haven’t been into N,Y, for 3 weeks. Ed was in those two typhoons at Okinawa but is safe. Many men were lost. I hope to see you soon. Jack"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1945

"Dear Marnie  Marie is not in so much pain at times, so we are in hopes she is better. Will let you know if she gets worse at any time. With love Mrs Van"
?, NY
Postmarked 1945