Postcards & Angst From Yesteryear

"Greetings from Joe"
Brooklyn, NY
Postmarked 1909

"Dear Sister - Why don’t you come down & get a job in the box shop they want girls they advertise in the paper We were up there one time. Come down some day because they want want some more girls.

Wallingford, CT
Postmarked 1913

"Greetings to Jean. Hope you are well again and back at school. Love Aunt Liesel Uncle Theo. Eleanore. The same wishes for your brother Robert."
c. 1950, no postmark

"We missed you in Sunday School last Sunday Jack and hope you will be with us again this Sunday, we are trying to have a good attendance every Sunday Miss Smith”
Buffalo, NY
Postmarked 1939

"Back to dear old Holbrook among the deer foot."
Brooklyn, NY
Postmarked 1906

Depiction of Old Mill, in Coney Island’s Luna Park

"How would you like to be an "Old Ham"? Dick"
South Hanover, MA
Postmarked 1909

"How was the trip home?
Dear Wendy, I am on the plane now but I will mail this in Louisville. The Northeast flight wasn’t as rough as the one coming. We are on our way to Cincinatta now. We have an hour wait there. This flight is smooth and nice. Love Annie”
Louisville, KY
Postmarked 1958

"Been to East Moriches lately. See on the 8th. Butch."
Balance Rock, MA
Postmarked 1933

"I am having a fine time here in Lynbrook. Hoping you are in the best of health I remain yours truly E. A. Myck Lynbrook P.O. Long Island"
Lynbrook, NY
Postmarked 1909

Postal advert for 1949 NYC Mayoral and Brooklyn Borough President race