Postcards & Angst From Yesteryear

"Dear Aunt Myra - In New York today - have no time to call on you Love Ethel"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1911

"Ray & Ruth  Well we had to get away from heat & now we find it a bit cool. Seems were never satisfied Irene + Geo"
Quebec, CA
Postmarked 1938

EDIT: Thanks for the name clarification.

"Dear Eleanor, Well how are you coming along in eating? I met Uncle Andys niece. And she’ll show you how to eat. Your sister Marian"
Carlisle, PA
Postmarked 1948

"Its not the gloomy weather that makes people blue It’s their own gloomy thot’s  Shak"
Illinois, USA
Postmarked 1909

"Had a nice nose bleed last night and nearly drained my life away Called in Dr. Spaulding and he checked it. Too much altitude. All right now. Just going to Great Salt Lake for a dip."
Salt Lake City, UT
Postmarked 1909

"Am still among the living. Estelle"
c. 1910

"July 4/09   From Carrie Stiles"
Rochester, NY
Postmarked 1909

"Connie I bought the hat. would not send it"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1908

"Dear Aunt Kay & Aunt Judy: We are still having the grandest time ever. Tell you all about it when we see you Love, Mary & Bill"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1941

"Wish that all the year were summer and Atlantic City the only place in the world. yrs Sam"
Washington, DC
Postmarked 1904