Postcards & Angst From Yesteryear

"Hello Bug Are you being a good Boy  Dad."
Minneapolis, MN
Postmarked 1946

"Dear Lola & Steve, Knew Steve would like this Post Card. Is this the one we should bring home with us? See you soon. As ever, Dot & Al"
Honolulu, HI
Postmarked 1966

"Dear Miss Wells, Since the lease on this house is up in April, we have decided to move our furniture to m.d. and get a furnished apartment in N.Y. next winter. We hate leaving here but the commuting is hard on Dad. I haven’t been into N,Y, for 3 weeks. Ed was in those two typhoons at Okinawa but is safe. Many men were lost. I hope to see you soon. Jack"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1945

"Dear Marnie  Marie is not in so much pain at times, so we are in hopes she is better. Will let you know if she gets worse at any time. With love Mrs Van"
?, NY
Postmarked 1945

"Add - Hotel Brighton - Have been here since Monday - Alice”
Atlantic City, NJ
Postmarked 1906

"Dear Betty  Hello lets go for a boat ride in this park huh? I will write you later and let you know how adorable your four girls look in that newspaper picture god Bless you all Aunt Eva"
Brooklyn, NY
Postmarked 1943

The WAAC (or the the WAC) is the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, created during World War II for women to serve their nation in many non-combat roles and fill many positions generally held by men due to labor shortage.

"Dear Elsie - Have been waiting to hear from you. How are all your little play-mates? Love & Kisses Cousin Trix"
Eastport, NY
Postmarked 1910

"It doesn’t seem like Sunday up here because you two do not drop in. I am studying hard & also having a good time - but I’ll be glad when vacation comes. Take it easy in all the heat. Love - Katherine”
New York, NY
Postmarked 1931

"Dear V. I sent mamma at this time a postal. This is more of a souvenir than a news card - Write  I-"
Toronto, Canada
Postmarked 1897

"Dear Aunt Myra - In New York today - have no time to call on you Love Ethel"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1911